CBEST Practice Test

The CBEST practice test is designed to provide an additional resource to help you effectively prepare to take the test. The primary purpose of the practice test is to help you become familiar with the structure and content of the test. It is also intended to help you identify areas in which to focus your studies. In addition to taking the practice test, you can review test specifications and scoring information for this test on the CBEST Preparation Materials page.

The practice test is available in an interactive and PDF format. The practice test provides a sample full-length test form for each CBEST section. Real-time scoring is available for multiple-choice questions in the interactive version and an answer key is included for multiple-choice questions in the PDF version.

Taking the Practice Test

In order to maximize the benefits of the practice test, it is recommended that you take this test under conditions similar to the conditions under which the actual CBEST is administered. Try to take the practice test in a quiet atmosphere with few interruptions and limit your testing time to the actual testing time allowed at the test administration, 4 hours for 1, 2, or all 3 sections.

Interactive Practice Test

Take the interactive practice test on your computer:

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Printable Practice Test

The practice test forms for each section are also available as PDF documents. Please note that double-sided printing is recommended.

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